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About EESA

EESA (Event Equipment Services Association) is a not for profit national organization dedicated to promoting a structured, secure, and progressive business environment for and within the equipment and event rental industry in India.

The association is open to all companies who own and provide Professional Equipment Rental and Services for a diverse range of Events/Activities, the likes of which include:

  • All types of Corporate Events
  • Music Concerts & Festivals
  • Sporting Events
  • Television & Film based events
  • DJ & Fashion Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Political & Religious Gatherings
  • Advertising Campaigns / Mall Activations events etc.
  • Any and Every type of event/activity that requires professional equipment rentals and/or professional event services

And with the intention to fulfil its objective of encouraging the security & success of all its members and fueling the growth of the event equipment rental industry at large; EESA offers its members unparalleled support with exclusive business resources, industry specific education, marketplace opportunities, and much more.

EESA Membership Profile

EESA’s diverse Membership Profile comprises Professional Equipment Rental Service Providers + Professional Event Service Providers which include the following segments (but not restricted to):

  • Sound
  • Stage Lighting
  • LED & Video Displays
  • Truss & Rigging
  • Stage, Infrastructure
  • Decor & Floral
  • Generators, General Lighting, SFX, Lasers & Pyro

EESA Members Do’s

  • Member Company should be registered under Company Registration act.
  • Member Company should have a registered GST number and should file the GST and income tax on time
  • Follow Ethical Business Operations, Set high standards of service and promote best practices in associated fields.
  • Encourage and support colleagues in their professional development

EESA Members Dont’s

  • Members will not engage in conduct that will bring the profession and/or EESA into disrepute.
  • Members will not speak in the name of the EESA without the consent of the EESA Executive Committee
  • The member should not be a part of any event management related association where he/she is part of the board/policy making.

Aims & Objectives

  • To bring together companies from across India who specialize in offering professional equipment rental and services to the Event Industry.
  • Drive a sense of structure and organized system of working for our industry professionals by establishing a set of well-defined guidelines that promotes healthy and ethical business practices, and safeguards the interests of all members
  • Providing prompt and efficient assistance and mediation in addressing members’ grievances, & mediate relevant issues through EESA’s Dispute Resolution Process.
  • Pool resources, ideas, opinions, thoughts to find efficient, effective and long-term solutions to common problems/issues/concerns faced by the industry at large.
  • Represent the industry’s opinions and demands before the government on issues that commonly affect our industry like taxation, and other policies and laws.
  • Work closely with Government recognized bodies like Chambers of Commerce etc. in representing the industry’s views and opinions to positively influence policies.
  • Provide members with industry specific training in skill, technique and development.
  • Educating members in upholding and maintaining compliances as per law.
  • Encouraging members to observe legitimate procedures in commercial transactions, and maintain statutory legal process on all transactions, especially monetary transactions.
  • Setting up an efficient network and system that would allow members to access pertinent advise and information on a diverse range of topics such as MSME Registrations, Understanding Government Policies/Laws that directly and indirectly impact our industry; etc.
  • Engage at par with other industry associations/independent event producers/venues etc. and assertively ensure a healthy, safe and secure working condition for our industry professionals.

EESA (Event Equipment Services Association) is a not for profit organization. This association is open to all companies having invested in their own equipment & offers equipment rental and their professional services for the event industry

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