EESA Enlighten

Objectives of EESA Enlighten

  • Increase Industry Prestige
  • Offer qualitative knowledge to benefit EESA Members across India
  • Cover topics of relevance & importance to growth of the industry
  • Promote various technologies relevant to event rental industry
  • Forum for Sharing Ideas and Information
  • National Exposure & Opportunity to collaborate with industry peers like event producers, independent professionals, agencies etc.
  • Provide platform for non-members to interact with EESA members & experience benefits of EESA membership
  • Promote EESA Activities
  • Qualitatively enhance EESA membership

About the Sessions

EESA Enlighten is a series of educative sessions on topics ranging from technology, skill and technique to important real-world criterions like taxation, compliance, laws & regulations, and more; all of which are critical to the sustenance of a successful event equipment rental business in India. Our programs are practice oriented and designed to give information that can be immediately applied on the job. We constantly expand the scope of our program by partnering with qualified instructors to offer enhanced value to our members.

EESA Enlighten will consider all timely topics of educational value to its members. Topics WILL NOT be about any product in particular; rather the focus would be on technology (in general) and the ever evolving legal, finance, compliance and other relevant formalities landscape within India, which invariably has a lasting impact on the event equipment rental industry as well.

Most sessions have either one or two primary instructor(s).

EESA Enlighten Education Sessions would either be virtual or in-person, depending on a variety of factors including but not restricted to Govt rules & restrictions, etc. With EESA being a PAN India association, in-person / on-site EESA Enlighten Education Sessions would be held in major cities throughout the country, based on local market response / request, geographic applicability, input from the instructor(s), and how each seminar fits into the overall national distribution of programs.

EESA Enlighten Education Sessions would usually be a one-day session; unless the course topic demands an additional day or two, which will be decided before the announcement of the session(s). Knowledge sessions would usually be 45mins to 120mins in duration. However, certain planned full-day training seminars could span 4-5 hours in duration with appropriate breaks. These time frames are the norm, but are by no means compulsory. If there is a valid justification EESA may consider other timings.

Seminars are typically scheduled Monday-Friday of the calendar week; however, there is a possibility of scheduling a seminar on a Saturday, subject to various factors. These would either be virtual or in-person, depending on a variety of factors including but not restricted to Govt rules & restrictions, etc. The number of times a session is rescheduled in one year is subject to the instructor’s availability and our calendar, among other factors.

EESA (Event Equipment Services Association) is a not for profit organization. This association is open to all companies having invested in their own equipment & offers equipment rental and their professional services for the event industry

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