EESA affirms the cumulative decision of rental services fraternity, with announcement of a no-compromise stance on Miscellaneous Costs

EESA affirms the cumulative decision of rental services fraternity, with announcement of a no-compromise stance on Miscellaneous Costs

In December, the Event Equipment Services Association (EESA)– the national association representing the interests of event equipment service providers and technical service professionals across India – voiced the sentiment of the entire event equipment rental service,with the announcement of a ‘no compromise’ stance on miscellaneous costs which encompasses components like transportation & logistics, Manpower, Crew Welfare, and Engineer Fees.

The announcement highlighting the equipment rental services community’s decision to avoid any negotiations on the ‘Miscellaneous Costs’ is driven by a basic understanding that components like Transportation & Logistics, Manpower, Crew Welfare (Food & Conveyance), and Engineer Fees – all of which come together to form line-items under the Miscellaneous Costs heading in formal work proposals – are in fact, unavoidable expenses that service providers are incumbent to, irrespective of the scale and/or nature of the event.

“The recent announcement made by EESA on behalf of the entire event equipment rental services and technical services community is undoubtedly steadfast. Having said that, we must assure everyone that these decisions were made after careful deliberation of the on-going situation and involves a conscious endeavour to minimize the impact of these decisions on our clients i.e. the event management community and our end clients. We have faith that the sincere reasons driving these decisions will be recognized and respected, and we look forward to actively engaging with our clients in working together on planning for a busy 2022 filled with spectacular events. We are thankful for their consistent support in empowering us to maintain the highest level of commitment in providing the very best technical expertise and infrastructure for events across the board” asserts EESA President Mr Felix Remedios

The decision has garnered praise and supportfrom an overwhelming majority of members within the live event equipment rental and technical services community, across application verticals that include Live Sound & Light, Trussing, Rigging, Staging & Infrastructure, LED & Screens, Projection & Visual Technologies, Power Distribution, SFX & Pyrotechnic, etc.

EESA (Event Equipment Services Association) is a not for profit organization. This association is open to all companies having invested in their own equipment & offers equipment rental and their professional services for the event industry

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