EESA Initiate Discussions With EEMA And KEMA To Discuss Way Forward For The Live Events Industry

Newsletter Edition 1, August 2021

EESA has initiated the first round of official discussions with industry leading associations for event management associations namely, the Event & Entertainment management Association (EEMA), and the Karnataka Event Management Association (KEMA), to explore ways in which event equipment service providers can cohesively work together with event managers in the safe re-opening of events; and subsequently build a safer, more secure and coequal business ecosystem for all in the near future.

On Friday, the 16th July 2021, representatives of the national committee of EESA formally met with representatives of the national committee of EEMA in what was recorded as the first official meeting between the two respective national associations.

The following week, on Friday 23 rd July 2021, the same team of representatives of EESA formally met with the representatives from KEMA, in what was again recorded as the first official meeting between the existing management committees of the two respective associations.

The outcome of both these meetings is viewed to be largely fruitful and positive; as pertinent issues were discussed with the objective of benefitting equipment service providers as well as event management cos.

EEMA and KEMA respectively affirmed their intent of building a stronger working relationship with EESA, and promised to jointly work towards ensuring the safe reopening of events, as topics of discussions comprised the need for improvement in the overall on- site working conditions for event managers as well as equipment service providers’ staff, ensuring that all basic facilities are available on-site, and ensuring that technical briefs related to an event is conveyed to the equipment service provider well in advance before the event.

Additionally, EEMA & KEMA promised to keep channels of constructive dialogues open with EESA. KEMA has confirmed their next meeting with EESA to take place on 30 th July 2021, where they intend to discuss about having talks with the government as one unified industry in opening up events in a safe and structured manner, and subsequently holding a joint press conference to inform the general public that Karnataka is now open for safe events.

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